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Many people on both sides have strong feelings for and against a controversial subject like keyless padlocks. It’s difficult to get past the emotion to the facts while dealing with such topics, yet utilizing impartial logical analysis is preferred. Instead of venting spleens in emotional exchanges about positions, it’s better to assess the situation calmly and rationally. Let’s look at keyless padlocks and the arguments on both sides, the benefits, and the drawbacks.

Ready? Let’s get started. First, the Pro, in support of/in favor of-

The first point in favor of keyless padlocks is that, by definition, they do not require a key to open.

The second point in favor is that anyone who is authorized to unlock a keyless padlock can do so as long as they know the correct combination number or code.

A third advantage is that they are incredibly beneficial for huge buildings and workplaces that would have needed to issue a lot of keys in a way that would have been impossible in the past (although this may not be quite so relevant for padlock choice as it would be for multiple doors which need to be kept locked).

A fourth significant advantage is that the combination of numbers or code that opens the keyless padlock can be altered, potentially increasing the device’s security.

Now the opposing side/the “Con” side-

The first argument against keyless padlocks is that they come in a variety of unique designs, but the average buyer can only assume how safe they are when challenged by a professional thief.

The second argument against them is that while their “combination” is theoretically safe, the mechanisms that prevent them from being sprung are rarely tested or authenticated.

The third reason against cheap models is that the manufacturers are usually unknown to the buyer, therefore there is often a chance to make a decision on the manufacturer’s reputation for providing truly secure products.

A fourth disadvantage is that many buyers will be concerned to buy keyless padlocks because of their ease of use and unique designs, which is clearly not the best way to choose a product with the highest level of security.

So there you have it, each side’s reasons.

Finally, what is the “bottom line” in this situation? Is it better to use keyless padlocks or not?

To both queries, the answer appears to be “Yes”! Keyless padlocks appear to be both good as well bad. It’s up to your reader to decide which side of the argument, good or bad, outweighs the other in their personal situation…

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