Avoiding Bait And Switch When Selling My Junk Car in Opa-locka | Junk Removal Company

Tips for Avoiding Bait and Switch


“How can I sell my junk car Opa-locka, and avoid bait and switch?” It’s a question some consumers wish they asked earlier, before they fell prey to bait and switch. Below are three tips for avoiding bait and switch that can keep you from getting scammed on the sale of your junker.


  1. Ask if the Initial Quote is the Final Quote


Junk yards often make an initial offer over the phone. Then, they make a final offer after arriving to tow away the junk vehicle. If the final estimate is a slightly lower than the original quote, the buyer is probably just refining its offer after inspecting the car. However, if the final offer is considerably lower than the initial one, it’s time to be worried about bait and switch.


  1. Get a Copy of the Price Offer in Writing


If a junk yard says it makes a single offer for a car instead of a first offer followed by a final one, request a signed copy of the price quote in writing. Preferably, you want the signature of the junk yard owner or manager – somebody who has the authority to make price decisions. With the document in hand, you have more protection against low-ball offers.

  1. Cancel the Sale if you get a Low Offer


Whether a junk yard’s buying procedure involves two price offers or one, don’t be uncertain to cancel the sale if the offer you get isn’t in keeping with the reasonable market value of the junk car. If the vehicle is so damaged that its condition isn’t listed in a car price guide, receiving several offers from different junk yards is a good way to assess the approximate value of the automobile.




Deceitful junk yards are recognized to use bait and switch schemes when buying junk cars. To help avoid a bit and switch scheme from taking money out of your pocket, take three steps: Ask if the first price quote is the final quote, get a signed copy of the price offer in writing, and cancel the sale if you get an offer considerably lower than the initial price quote.